After Working With Michael Jackson And Stevie Wonder, Judith Hill Is Dropping Her Very Own Album

After working with the likes of John Legend, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, appearing in the high profile documentary “20 Feet From Stardom,” becoming one of the most disappointing eliminations on The Voice, Judith Hill is finally releasing her own music to the world by dropping her first full length album.

You have worked in some pretty cool places over the course of your career, what is it like performing in New York City as opposed to say France?

It definitely has a different vibe. Europeans are very passionate people and they love art and originality, however New Yorker tend to show more of their excitement at a live performance whereas Europeans are a bit more thoughtful.

Speaking of crazy experiences, what was it like being a part of a high profile reality TV show such as The Voice?

It was a great experience and it definitely introduced America to my style. I acquired a lot of very supportive fans through that show and it absolutely opened a lot of doors for me. It was an intense show and it helped me to toughen up.

Tell me about working with Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, you must have learned so much from them.

I was honored to work with them. They are legends and it was fascinating to see how they created their music. Michael Jackson was just such an influential musician and through him I experienced the full spectrum of a performance, it was so inspiring to see the big picture with the full stadium and all of the dance work. Stevie was totally different. With him you just jam and go with the flow. Someone like Stevie is always challenging himself and you to do your best work.

What are some of the things that inspire your music?

Spirituality, powerful films and science fiction tales. Fairy tales too.

Your parents were musical as well, were they huge inspirations for you?

Very much so. From the crib I just remember hearing songs. My bedroom was the music room as well.

What were the main inspirations for your new album “Back In Time”?

Childhood memories, jamming in the basement with my family and friends. It is a very autobiographical album.

So much has happened leading up to this album…

It feels like graduation day for me. This has been my dream since childhood and I am absolutely honored to have experienced everything that has come before.

What’s next for you?

Touring Europe, just playing my music. Next year I am working on an orchestral tour which will be amazing because I have always been a composer.

Advice for aspiring artists?

Show up everyday ready to work. Keep persevering no matter what. When you put in the work and do what you love, things will happen.

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