Afrojack Talks To Us About New G-Star Raw Collection

THE Afrojack talked to me about his new G-Star Raw collection, and the intersections between music and fashion. ALSO we get into what kind of stuff he’d love to create and what’s coming up for him musically, including the release of his debut album! Check it out and purchase the collection here!

Interview by @FrankieFatGold

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How would you describe the new collection with G-Star RAW?
I wanted to take my first collection and make it lighter and fresher, like how I want to dress in the summer. There’s a lot of pieces with strong graphics but they’re mixed with white denim, shorts and lighter leather; giving the whole collection a more laid-back feel.

This may sound ridiculous, but do you think it’s possible for someone who’s never listened to your music to be able to tell that you’re a DJ from your designs?
I don’t think that you can necessarily tell I’m a DJ or a music artist from the pieces in the line, but music has an edge to it and I think that definitely shows through in my designs. It’s an edgier vibe that matches what dance music is all about.


Which leads me into how does your music influence your designs?
I’ve always liked being creative, whether it be producing music or sketching for fun, so I think the feel of my music naturally comes out in the designs. Music is a constant in every part of my life, so it’s the biggest influence on everything I do.

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?
I love the A-Crotch denim jeans, they’re my favorite piece of clothing I’ve ever had. I just can’t get over how well they fit. The pair in the Spring/Summer ‘14 collection is a little lighter for summer, so I’ll be wearing them all of the time.

What do you typically like to wear when you DJ?
I loved wearing G-Star even before I made my first collection with them, so now pretty much everything I wear onstage is from my two collections. I designed them to be clothes that are comfortable but can be stylish enough to wear in the club, so now I don’t like to perform in anything else.

Can women rock the Afrojack x G-Star RAW collection too?
Definitely! There are hats, t-shirts and hoodies that look really good on women. It’s cool when a girl can wear a t-shirt and be chill and relaxed, but the nice thing about this collection is it’s stylish at the same time.

If you could curate your own line of anything, what would it be? This includes anything from a toaster to an afro pick..
I’m always wearing hats and sunglasses; I’ve already done the hats, so I think sunglasses would be next on my list. And if I could have my own line of exotic cars.. I’d be set for life!


Tell us more about what’s coming up for you musically?
I’m getting ready to release my debut album, “Forget The World” on May 19th, which will be THE biggest moment in my career; it’s what I’ve been working towards for years. I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the album and I’m really proud of it, so it’s very cool to finally get to share it with my fans.

I wanted to send the message to “forget the world,” to remind people not to listen to negativity and peer pressure, just forget the world and focus on you and what you want. I think that’s the only way to live life and once I realized that when I was younger I’ve gone after my dreams and made them happen.


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