Advice For Going To A Bar Alone

Sometimes I go to bars alone. Sometimes meaning a lot. A lot meaning I’ve gotten myself wasted and into situations I didn’t want to be in because I haven’t had a friend around to be like DON’T TAKE THAT TENTH SHOT.  Personally I like that I can do things by myself, and if you do too there are certain things one should keep in mind when going out in to wilderness alone.

Wear shitty clothes

If you don’t want to attract annoying comments or sleaze wear a trash bag to the bar. There is a chance you may get kicked out for this, so maybe jeans and t-shirt is cool. But that being said wear whatever you like, but just keep in mind whether your goal is to be visible or not.

Stare at your phone

My favorite. This way no one will talk to you. If you feel that guy staring at you, you in turn stare even harder into your phone. Check that same Instagram picture for the millionth time.

Don’t take shots 

When you’re out drinking alone, it’s wise to not get completely trashed as no one is there to take you home except for a pervert. Try and stay as alert as possible.

Get a cab home

I once got asked by a driver to sit in the front seat with him, I was wasted but focused so hard on staying awake to make sure he was going to assault me. That story aside, most cabs aren’t like that, they’re generally safe so get one home. It can be expensive, but set aside money for it. Both walking home drunk, taking the train drunk aside from the obvious dangers just f***ing sucks.

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