Adrianne Ho’s 5 Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays

Model and founder of Sweat the Style Adrianne Ho gives her top tips to not completely messing up how great you’ve been at keeping fit and healthy or even if you haven’t maybe you were, for some strange reason, planning on starting your new fitness plan on Christmas day. Check out her tips below!

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Wake up and workout! Most likely you’ll get caught up with family festivities throughout the day so get to sweating as soon as you can. Sometimes later becomes never, especially during the holidays.


Say NO to seconds. Even if your plate is piled high with food stick to only one plate. Getting several plates of food makes it hard to keep track of how much you’re eating making you more likely to over eat. It’s okay to have a giant plate, just only have one.


Stay hydrated! Your body often confuses thirst with hunger making you more likely to over eat and snack more than you need to.


Avoid holiday hangovers. Say cheers with a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you drink. Not only will you save yourself the empty calories but you wont waste your morning after (see tip 1.)


Enjoy! Holidays are meant to have fun, relax, and indulge on home cooked meals with loved ones. Don’t drive yourself crazy with a diet over the holidays. Have a little bit of everything, find a balance, and do what you’re going to with your new years resolutions in mind.


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