Adrianna Christina’s 8 Ways To Get The Blonde Hair Color Of Your Dreams

Do blondes have more fun? Sometimes, it really seems like it. Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, Emma Roberts, and even Lily Rose Depp have all embraced radiantly lighter locks as of late, and we’ve decided that we want the look too. Fellow blondie, Adrianna Christina, revealed how even the most dishwater-brown hair can become as bright white as the sun. Even if you’re someone who has completely sworn off chemical treatments, Adrianna can get you the blondest color without a drop of bleach. Here are the essential methods for every hair type.

For the dark horses:

You can prevent damage by gradually lightening your hair over the course of a few months.

Essentials: You want to be blonde ASAP, but no one wants to be constantly shedding/ snipping off split ends in the name of a great color. After all, color is temporary, but damaged hair feels like it will last forever. If you cannot for the life of you wait out that awkward transitional color phase, go for it, but heed the importance of products. Suchor recommends using an overnight hair mask twice a week to keep hair healthy. Her favorites are Carol’s Daughter “Marula Curl Therapy Softening Mask” (even if you don’t have curls, this mask hydrates and softens dry, brittle hair) and Oribe’s Masque For Beautiful Color,” which keeps color from fading. For every day use, Adrianna swears by Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine shampoo and conditioner.

Maintenance: You will want to touch up your color every month or two to prevent fading.

For the natural blondes:

Bleaching your hair strips hair of color to the fullest possible degree. You can add dye on top of that to achieve the perfect shade. Adrianna loves the frosty/ pearly white blonde which requires bleach to achieve. But there are lots of beautiful blonde hair colors you don’t need bleach for!

Essentials: For you, it’s about maintaining the perfect hue. Using purple shampoos and conditioners on the daily will help you avoid yucky brassy or orange tones. Suchor has tried them all, and her extensive scientific studies revealed that Oribe Bright Blonde shampoo and conditioner are the best in the game.

Maintenance: Keep your roots away by using a high-lift, which is better for your hair than bleach. There are many ways to do it at home, but you can also go to a colorist for flawless results. Make sure to use a toner after to make sure your hair is the same color throughout!

A little secret: If you want the look NOW with as little damage as possible, try out a wig. Every pop princess swears by this secret.

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