Adriana Lima by Richard Phillips

Artist Richard Phillips is featured in issue 1 of Galore Mag. Here’s an exclusive q&a with the talented painter and filmmaker along with his breathtaking lifelike paintings of supermodel Adriana Lima. Richard speaks of his experience as an artist, his works with controversial starlets such as Lindsay Lohan & Sasha Grey, and who he hopes to paint next!
Who has been the best subject to paint?
At any given time the best subject is the one that has made it through a strict editing process both conceptually and image wise.
The images  you have painted of Lindsay Lohan are the best we have ever seen  of her,  would you call  her your muse?
Thank you for your kind words! The paintings I painted of Lindsay were the result of a collaboration with her as an artist.
Who is your  favorite  pop artist?
Jeff Koons. Specifically for his Luxury Degradation show from 1986. I had just moved to New York when I  saw his exhibition that gave Pop art it’s first socially, politically, and formally integrated presence far beyond the intentions of the first generation works of Andy Warhol for example.

What  was the inspiration for your Adriana  Lima  paintings ?

The inspiration came from a collaboration with Visionaire’ 62 RIO 3D project. We shot Adriana in front of three twenty two foot high back drops of the favelas in Rio, the Copa Cabana side walk, and Oscar Niemeyer’s Catholic Cathedral in Brasilia.

What do you think of  Sasha Grey as an adult performer crossing over, and what made you want to paint her?

Before to working with Sasha I had already admired her work in the Steven Soderbergh film “The Girlfriend Experience” and HBO’s Entourage series. When we shot her for our Film “Sasha Grey” it was always the intention that the film stills would become paintings. I chose the still images that were the most used place holders for the film which had been viewed well over a million times online.

Is there any  person  you  would  like  to  paint in  2013 ?
Yes. Catrinel Menghia of course!!!

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