Watch Adam Levine React To Eager Fan Who Attacks Him On Stage


We all know Adam Levine is one sexy dude, but during a Maroon 5 concert last night in Anaheim, Calif., one eager fan decided to take a leap of faith in order to touch him.

No, literally. She ran up behind Adam after jumping onto the stage and attempted to throw her arms around his neck.

Of course startled and confused, Adam backs up at first, but then turns his charm on as he decides to calm the eager (maybe intoxicated) fan down and wraps his arm around her until security whisks her away.

“It’s just weird — you’re in the moment and your singing and your eyes are closed and you’re having this beautiful moment, and then the next thing you know someone’s f***ing in your face. Super terrifying. Just ‘cause like you weren’t expecting it, you know what I mean?”

Adam got off easy though, with only a fingernail scratch to his ear from the fan.
“She like, cut my ear, with her fingernail. It’s all good. I love you sweetheart, I’m glad you’re a fan of the band.”
Well isn’t that sweet. No hard feelings from our favorite man. Although we’re sure her response would only be, “I really wanna touch somebody. I think about you every single day.”
The girl just wanted to love somebody after all. Check out the clip below for more.

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