Actually Huizenga Makes Music For The Future & Dresses For It Too


Photography By Socrates Mitsios

Actually Huizenga may have a few epic songs, but it’s her overall artist persona that has us so intrigued. Her latest video for “Predator Romatic” is one of the most entertaining things we’ve watched over the past couple years. In a very stale, and somewhat basic music world, Actually definitely stands out. In fact, Miss Huizenga makes music that’s catchy and for dance vibes of the future. We decided to chat with her about “Predator Romantic,” her petting zoo entailed music video, and how style and music combined created the woman we covet. See what Actually had to say, below.

There’s a lot of Madonna influence in Predator Romantic. What is it about Madonna and the 80s that you relate to?

I understand the power of Madonna, just as I am awed by beautiful Churches and Love Christmas. But, I don’t “go to church” and I don’t worship at Madonna’s altar. Perhaps, just as Christianity has a strong and sturdy hand upon the bones of modern western civilization, Madonna holds that same sinewy tentacle over the careers of all aspiring female musicians who are sexual. I’d say I was more influenced by Xena: Warrior Princess. I wish she was in a band. I know that Lucy Lawless sang on the theme song.

Who are your other musical icons?

Rozz Williams/ Christian Death

David Bowie/ The Goblin King



Marilyn Manson

Mylene Farmer

Depeche Mode

Brett Easton Ellis

Bette Davis

Mae West

Barbra Stanwyck

David Lynch

What exactly is a “predator romantic”? 

Anyone or anything preying upon the weakness created by Love; a scavenger who pays for one pleasure by indulging in another…

How did you realize your musical abilities?

At a symposium.

Do you have any other hidden talents that no one knows about?

I can act.

What was the most fun part of making the single/video?

When the petting zoo came. Also watching the mice swim in the pool was fun.

What are your top 3 songs of all time?

There are a lot more than three, but here are some:

Closer “NIN” (perfect for a wedding I think!!)

George Michael “Careless Whispers” (timeless)

Christian Death “Romeo”s Distress” (sex-central!)

Do your clothes influence your music?

Only when I’m naked.

What’s your favorite place to shop?

Rite Aid. They have the best deals on alcohol for video shoots and after every holiday, all of the special themed socks are on sale!

How would you describe your style? 

Hell with a Cover Charge aka Goth Pop.

What’s your everyday jewelry like?

Keys, wallet & cellphone.









Photography By Socrates Mitsios

Styling By Devon Rodgers

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