Actress Alisha Boe Talks Hulu Series ‘Casual’ And Dating In Los Angeles

You may have seen angel-faced Alisha Boe on Hulu’s original series “Casual.”

She plays Becca, high school bestie to lead Tara Lynne Barr’s character, Laura in the ‘dramady’ with a painfully relatable central theme of nonchalant relationships. 

I sat down for a casual cup of coffee with the starlet to discuss everything from her opinions on slut shaming to what the f*ck a ‘lumbersexual’ is. See our q+a below.


Erika Flynn: Did you shoot “Casual” in LA?

Alisha Boe: Yeah, it was all shot in Sun Valley actually, so it was super familiar to me. Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, the writing is seriously brilliant.

When I read the script I was just thinking, “I’m so happy I get to be apart of something like this.” Micheala Watkins, who plays Valerie just blew it out of the water. She’s so good. And Frances Conroy who plays Valerie’s on-screen mother is seriously a legend. I couldn’t talk to her! We did a table read and I was just fanning out the entire time.

You play a girl in high school on the show, best friends with Tara Lnne Barr’s character’s Laura. Have you had any really embarrassing high school moments kind of like the one Laura has at the party when her boyfriend cheats on her?

Well, funny story about that party scene actually. We’re obviously supposed to be really high and I have to take my clothes off and get into the pool. On the second take I just completely ate shit in front of everyone—the extras, the crew, everyone. But I did go to a really big high school, and crazy mansion parties would get shut down by the cops all the time.

“Casual” is so relevant because it’s so accurately represents the dating scene that we’re dealing with right now.

I think so too, especially in LA, this is really how our generation is going about dating. Like, I’ve never actually used Tinder or anything, but I know so many people that have used it successfully or are with their significant other through using it.

Does online dating scare you?

No, it doesn’t. I just don’t have to use it right now! Instagram I love, but sometimes it just makes me so sad, like I’m missing out. Everyone on Instagram makes their lives seem so great. Snapchat is great though because I watch all the debates and all the news feeds.

Are you dating now?

Yes, I have a boyfriend. He’s a coffee roaster. He works at a shop in Calabasas and he has a roasting loft and actually makes the beans. But he doesn’t have a beard and the whole lumberjack thing going on. Have you heard of the term ‘lumbersexual?’

A ‘lumbersexual?’ No, what the hell is that?

Okay, I swear to god I just learned this, but it’s an actual term meaning when women sexualize the ‘lumberjack’ look on a guy. They wear flannels, work boots, and the man bun. Are you for it or against it?

I definitely know some ‘lumbersexuals’ now that I think about it. But no, I can’t say that I’m into it. But your boyfriend’s not a lumbersexual?

No, he’s not. I think it was cool two years ago, but no.

Slut-shaming is finally being recognized as an actual problem now, which is at least a step. Thoughts on that?

I think people are starting to become more aware now, and I’ve noticed everyone, women and men, are trying to be much more politically correct these days. I think it’s a great step for young women in the coming generations to know that it’s not okay to speak like that just because everyone does it.

Do you think young women are going to follow in these footsteps of being more self-aware and self-respectful?

I do. I know that by the time my seven-year-old brother is my age there won’t be a stigma towards the LGBT community anymore. I think he’s going to really respect women, because I think women are going to really talk about how they feel and they’re not going to be quiet about it. I read an article about not saying sorry for everything. And it made me realize that men have no problem commanding, when women have a problem being demanding about what they want. I’ve learned to fight back. You have to say how you feel.




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All photos by Erika Flynn

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