Achieve The Perfect Summer Smokey Eye Like Blogger Teni Panosian

Summer is a weird time for eye makeup. Going all natural feels like the best option, but there are still those days where you want to look a bit more fabulous than usual. Fashion/beauty bloggerTeni Panosian, has mastered the art of makeup. Teni’s Youtube channel, missmavendotcom, delivers makeup how-to’s, product reviews and hair tutorials to over 5 million people per year. If you’re not learning from the smokey eye master, you can start now! Teni shared with us EVERYTHING our #GaloreGirls need to know about achieving the perfect summer smokey eye. Here’s how…

1. How can you make a smokey eye work for summer?

The trick to making a smoky eye work in the summertime is to use lighter colors. Stay away from black, grey, and anything that’s too dark. Stick with colors like bronze, champagne, rose gold, and maybe even brick. The warmer months, in general, call for a less intense makeup look altogether.

2. What if your face can’t hold intensely dark color? Can you still do a smokey eye?

Absolutely! I think one of the most beautiful makeup looks is a soft smoky eye on women who are fair with blond hair and blue eyes. Using colors like taupe, champagne, and a little brown to intensify the smoky factor, it turns into the most beautiful Charlize Theron-esque look! 

3. What’s your favorite smokey eye shadow palette? 

My favorite smoky eye shadow palette has to be the LORAC Mega PRO Palette. Before this the original PRO Palette was my favorite, but the Mega PRO has everything you could possibly need for a smoky eye of any color scheme! Although, sadly, it was a limited edition palette.

4. The best liner to complete your look?

As for liner, I don’t have a favorite but I do have a favorite technique for a smoky eye: I prefer the entire look to be smoky, including the liner, so I’ll typically grab a soft black pencil and a small smudge brush, wipe the brush onto the pencil, and apply a smoked out liner onto my lash line. This way I don’t get a precise line; instead I have a diffused smoky line that gives a soft and sexy look to a smoky eye.

5. Mascara that’s as dramatic as your eye?

So many favorite mascaras! For years I’ve loved the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara, it’s perfect for a smoky eye. I also love the YSL Faux Cils Mascara, and if you need a good drugstore pick, the Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara is the best!

6. The best lip color to compliment any smokey shade?

 I always prefer to go with an understated lip to pair with a smoky eye. Either a tinted balm with an apricot tint or a sheer nude gloss. Either way, I prefer to go sans liner so it looks less polished and more natural.

7. What’s the trickiest part of a smokey eye (or the hardest part) that you address in one of your smokey tutorials?

The most common feedback I get when I demonstrate a smoky eye is that when people try it on their own, they end up looking like they have two black eyes! It’s tricky being able to place the color correctly and blend so that you don’t just smear black or dark shadow all over your lids. For this reason, I always advise (in every smoky eye video) to be extra conservative with how much dark shadow you add because you can always build, you can’t take away. So as long as you can slowly build a little bit of color at a time, you can stop at an appropriate spot instead of going in with a ton of color all at once and ending up with a mess!

8. How did you get so good at makeup?!?

You know, I was never a makeup artist, but I have a background in drawing and painting. I guess that skill set transferred well!

9. Any big projects coming up?

I’ve got something cool coming up with one of my favorite skincare brands… Outside of that I’ve been getting opportunities to work more in the lifestyle and clothing space lately so I’m looking forward to more of that as well as beauty!

10. Advice for aspiring beauty bloggers?

There are two words I focus on when I get asked for advice on blogging: Be persistent and consistent. Put quality work out there and keep doing it, and people will take notice! No one starts out with a huge following, we have all worked our way up to where we are and continue to do so. The beginning is the toughest part but once people see that you’re serious about creating good content, you’ll start to gain a loyal reader base. 

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