Ace Your Midterms With Thync, A Lil’ Brain Machine That Gives Good Vibes

Midterms are either here or they’re swiftly approaching. We’re sure, like all humans do, that you’re cramming for exam after exam. But you’re not doing it alone, are you? From extra large iced coffees to a full pack of energy drinks, you’re probably on caffeine overload. Newsflash: You’re going to crash, and burn! Here at Galore, we admire our student readers. While we might be distracting you from your studies with awesome article after awesome article, we’d rather you ace your exams. Solution? Thync! After using one of Thync’s Vibes, you’ll feel either calm or energy in as little as 5 minutes.

So what’s a Thync Vibe exactly? Vibes are proprietary, neurosignaling waveforms created over years of research, development and testing by Thync neuroscientists and engineers simply to improve your life. It can feel like a relaxing massage or even a cold splash of water on your face. Whether it’s for the gym or for an all nighter spent in your college library, Vibe is here to motivate you. Calm Vibe users feel physically relaxed, more centered, more aware of breathing and heart rate, detached from stressful thoughts, less likely to react emotionally and mild euphoria in some cases. Energy Vibe users feel mental alertness, a focused burst of physical energy, excited motivation and need to accomplish something.

So here’s to accomplishing your midterms, with good grades and even better Vibes (pun intended). 

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