The Abundance (And Killer Bod) From Training For A Half Marathon


I was never really into sports. I was an artist and I was young enough that it didn’t really affect my lean body. My mom bribed me to play hockey, just for one practice, and I was hooked. I played for 10 years in Canada. When I went to College for the first time, I had no idea how cooking and eating went, and I was drinking, abundantly for the first time in my life. I gained my freshman 15.

My metabolism changed and I didn’t really play sports anymore. But I had to find something I loved because I wanted to keep my figure. I then, luckily, stumbled upon running. I had just moved to New York and even though I was strictly a yoga teacher, my boss offered me twice as much money if I could jump in as a running coach. Sure, how hard could it be?

It was one of the tougher things I had to learn, but it came quickly and once I had it, I’ve never turned back. Like anything new (if it is for you), it takes commitment. You just need to create a routine, get serious, and put in the time. But I absolutely promise you, this is a sport (if your knees are in good shape and your body permits) that kicks your ass and gives you all the adrenaline and hormones to make you feel good and cleansed, and I can proudly say I ran the last two New York half marathons and it’s kept me in killer shape.

Running a half or a full marathon keeps you in training mode for weeks, months, sometimes year round. It makes you feel good and like you put in your all. So in that respect, you get to eat a ton more food as you burned a seriously good days amount.

Train with a friend so it’s easier and start slow, building your strength up. It’s amazing how quickly you start to improve and it is by far, the best and quickest way to get a rocking body.

Get on it girl! You’ll never go back!

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