Absolut Tune Presents Vogueing: Behind the Scenes of Icona Pop’s “All Night” Video

Earlier this year, Icona Pop released their video for the single “All Night,” exciting fans of Paris is Burning, the acclaimed 1990 documentary that introduced NYC ball culture to a larger audience. Suddenly, the once prominent subculture was in the spotlight once again.

For those who haven’t caught this seminal documentary on Netflix yet, or those looking for an update on vogueing culture today, the behind the scenes video of “All Night” gives a unique look into the other stars of the video – the dancers.

This four minute documentary, produced by Absolut Tune, revisits the some of the same topics as Paris is Burning by interviewing the video’s dancers, who explain the personal transformation that happens within ball culture and vogueing. Covering the history, and current state of house ballroom, the film brings us from the origins of the scene to where it is today.

So grab your glass of Absolut Tune, press play and toast to Icona Pop and their team revitalizing ball culture.

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