Bruce Jenner Is In For Quite A Ride According To Media Sources

Many speculations and judgments have been circling Bruce Jenner’s gender identity, until Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 interview, where Jenner proudly stated who she is. Unfortunately, with Jenner out as a woman there has also been a flux of slander from haters calling him a “perversion of man” to just about anything outright rude and inaccurate. On the flip side, there has also been a tremendous amount of support, love, and respect generated from his family and like-minded people.

Galore Mag Bruce Jenner KUWTK

This week, an episode about his initiation on her transformation aired. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians two-part episode was titled “About Bruce” —and it was definitely all about her. We were able to learn all the answers to our most eager questions regarding Jenner: has he always been this way? Did he schedule any reconstructive surgeries? Does this mean Bruce Jenner is dead and gone? What about his marriage to Kris? Finally, how is this possible?  Yes, he’s been this way since 10 years old. Yes to surgeries in the spring, but so far just on the face. No, Bruce Jenner is not gone and he will always still be their Dad. Bruce and Kris still love each other and always have. Finally, how is this possible? Well, how is it possible to live in such fear and repression your whole life?

Galore Mag Bruce Jenner KUWTK

It is extremely easy to get dazed and confused with this entire transformation, whether it’s not knowing the appropriate time to ask certain questions or how to ask or what to ask really. Nonetheless, Jenner stuck it out and began to finally open up honestly to his family. The first part of the episode opened with Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian speaking to Bruce about his transformation. In this particular scene, he finally confronts the two of them—after individually “bringing them out to Malibu” and sitting them down in his home to come out, he proceeds to inform them, to the best of his ability, about the entire process. Although it seems like “there’s never a right way” to do this, as Jenner said, honesty seems to be pretty damn right as Khloe adamantly agrees.

Galore Mag Bruce Jenner KUWTK

As the episode develops, we see him and Kim Kardashian West conversing and strategizing how to publicly come out. Only to be followed by all the sisters (Kendell, Khloe, Kim, Kylie, and Kourtney) sitting in Jenner’s living room having a heart-to-heart conversation that lays everything on the table. Simultaneously, on the commentary, each sister recalls their first account with “Her”, as they all refer to Jenner’s true identity. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have known for over a decade; whereas Kylie and Kendall found out later, but never confronted the secret.


In “About Bruce” Part 2, Jenner confronts both Scott and Kris—making it a point to express his life-long secret and the reason why it made him seem so angry and disconnected for most of his life with and before his family. Imagine believing that a grand part of yourself seems to be the recipe that will make people reject and mock you. Jenner admitted that it took a huge and harsh toll on his relationship with Kris, hence why the past 4-5 years of their marriage was tediously tense and in a very uncomfortable environment for both.

On one hand, Jenner didn’t express his issues and hid himself away from the people he loved and those who loved him; on the other hand, this made it very difficult for him to have a working relationship with his wife and son-in-law, Scott. But love goes a long way, in Kris’ words, “live the happiest life you could live, thats all I care about, that you go through all of this for an amazing outcome.”

Galore Mag Bruce Jenner KUWTK
In addition, the theme throughout the episode seemed to brew around pure support. Despite the fear, confusion, and shock that all of his family remains Team Bruce. And when everyone is ready, she’ll come out and change the world for the better. So stick around, she said, “It’s going to be quite a ride!”

Team Bruce, all the way!

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