Aaliyah Is Probably Getting Her Own Line Of MAC Makeup

Brace yourself guys, an Aaliyah-themed line of MAC makeup may soon be coming to a drugstore near you.  After announcing the launch of a Selena’s retrospective capsule collection, Aaliyah’s fans started a petition to get MAC to make Aaliyah America’s Next Top Deceased Covergirl.

Not that I’m hating on Aaliyah, but what is with the sudden need for corporations to get on the ‘using dead celebrities to sell products’ train? Has our collective obsession with nostalgia really reached this point? Apparently so.


The only thing that’s surprising about all of this is the fact that people are actually getting behind this. Not only have the likes of Missy Elliot, Monie Love, and a number of Aaliyah’s stylists backed the petition, but even Aaliyah’s brother Rashad is in favor of the line. In response to the petition, Rashad responded to a fan tweet saying that not only was his sister a big MAC fan, but that he’d personally work with Aaliyah’s licensing team to make this happen.

Whatever your feeling on the collaboration is, it looks like it’s happening. In the meantime, you’ll have to sate your Aaliyah fever by watch this music video and remembering just how awesome baby girl was.


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