A Youtube Tutorial Ruined My Eyebrows

Eyebrows on fleek… For everyone else on earth except me. When my mom decided to give me the most beautiful and perfect genes she did not think to include fabulous thick eyebrows, which sucks. Technically, my barely existent eyebrows are only supposed to be there to keep the sweat out of my eyes, in which case they were doing a great job. They, however, are not helping me break my way into the world of beauty How can I fix that? Makeup! Makeup fixes everything.

Galore Mag Cara Delevigne Brows

So just like every other eyebrow-less woman on the planet, I took my problem to youtube, and found what’s supposed to be the best eyebrow tutorial out there. The thing about youtube makeup artists is that they are born already knowing how to handle a makeup brush, and own every color on the earth, and they aren’t around to answer your questions. Where’s a mac makeup artist when you need one? What color am I supposed to use? How come it doesn’t look like the video? One is uneven, should I fill it in more? Am I doing this right? But after filling in my eyebrows and thinking they were as bold as they were going to get, I made an even bolder move – I went out in public.

I wish I could individually apologize to every person who actually saw me outside with the monsters that I called eyebrows. I looked like a five year old who had experimented with my mom’s makeup. No, I looked like an amateur drag queen making my first appearance while using a too heavy hand in makeup application.

The worst part is: no person who saw me thought to tell me how bad it really looked. Nobody cared to tell me that the look I tried was detrimental to other people’s eyesight. So, yeah, I’ll stick to my hardly there brows and cry at every perfect pair I see instead now.

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