The Secret To Pleasing Your Man On A Road Trip

PDA translates in my book to a public display of oral affection. If there’s anything hotter than being in total control of a guy’s peak, it’s being the reason for his pleasure.

Now BJ’s are always a good thing and according to this article all girls everywhere should be saying yes to more fellatio, because it’s actually better for our health! Go figure, who would have known that guys are just looking out for us (lol). With summer coming up, that means road trips are also right around the corner! Im down for a good road trip, even if it’s just to the beach. What makes a good road trip even better though is the exciting stuff that can happen on the way to where you’re going.. AKA road head.

The exciting part about road head is doing it in public. According to science, the reason it’s exciting is because it’s different and doesn’t get to happen often since it’s usually done behind closed doors. Well road head is all about you and blowing your man on the open road for the entire world, or interstate, to see. Talk about possibly avoiding any big potholes though, vomiting on your dudes lap is super awkward to explain at the carwash. If you’re curious about road head, there’s even a crash course being taught at a university, “Road Head: The Role of the Automobile in American Sexuality,”.

Now while you’re cruising down the road to hot pleasure, just make sure you’re going extra slow and don’t get too excited. After all, the guy is driving and in control of a big hunk of moving metal. So be like the wind in your hair this summer, and blow freely.

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