A Day In The Life Of The Super Fashionable ‘onTrend’ App Stylist Caitlin Marks

Caitlin Marks is a Canadian stylist, makeup artist, and occasional wanderlust-ing model living in domestic bliss in Australia. She’s always working on a new project, studying something different, or embarking on a new adventure. Her latest is an app called onTrend, where users can get fashion advice from their favorite style bloggers, which she hustles for between photoshoots and all the demands of the life of a digital fashion industry hustler. She’s always looking for inspiration, for style and for new projects. “I spend a lot of time on Instagram finding really cool independent designers through my friends and other people I follow,” Caitlin said. “I also spend a lot of time online, especially looking at collections and street style pictures from different fashion weeks all over the world, old and new. Usually when I see a piece of clothing I like, I just start picturing all the different ways I could wear it, and so much of that depends on my mood. I have so many pieces that I love in my closet that I haven’t even worn yet, I’m just waiting for the right moment.” But sometimes in her busy life, the style stalking has to take a back seat to work. “If I can create things that I’m proud of and if I’m healthy and surrounded by people I love, I’ll be happy,” she said. We asked Caitlin about a day in her life, doling out style advice and taking notes on the coolest brands.

I wake up at 6:30am.

My first thought is to check my calendar on my phone to see all the things I have to do today.

I’m feeling rushed, so I wear a loose fitting black dress and black platform sandals.

By 8:30, I head to work. In the UBER I’m blasting Drake on my headphones.

My morning is filled with shooting for one of my favorite clothing labels

Lunch is at 2 and I’m grubbing on a vegan burrito while I FaceTime with my boyfriend.

My afternoon is spent responding to emails, catching up on social media and in appointments on a fun new app called Ontrend where I give makeup and style advice.

I finish the day with a quick shower, then it’s time to go eat ramen with my girlfriends.

Before I head out for the night, I do my makeup and have a glass of champagne at my friend’s new apartment.

Tonight’s event is a party hosted by one of my friends and I’m looking forward to meeting new people, so I wear a pink latex dress by Meat Clothing that I feel super confident in.

I get back home at midnight, decompress with a bath and my favorite bath bomb, and it’s lights out by 1am.

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