A Day In The Life Of American Apparel Model Megan Fay

You might recognize Megan Fay as one of the number one biddies on American Apparel’s website, modeling those bodysuits and high waisted jeans like they’re going out of style. What you don’t know is that when she’s not making us jealous with her amazing body and looks, she also manages work, a college course load, and a thousand other overwhelming hustles. Here’s how she does it.

I wake up at 8:30am.

My first thought is “I really don’t want to be awake right now”.

I’m feeling tired, so I wear my pajamas.

By 9:30am, I head to work. In the car I’m blasting 90’s summer hits.

My morning is filled with trying to eat other people’s food without them noticing.

Lunch is at 1pm and I’m grubbing on a really good turkey sandwich and a pastry while I unbutton my pants.

My afternoon is spent trying to fit into clothes that are too small.

I finish the day with a late afternoon nap, then it’s time to take a shower.

Before I head out for the night, I make sure I look somewhat presentable.

Tonight’s event is going to a restaurant with my friends and I’m looking forward to eating a lot of pasta, so I wear my stretchiest jeans.

I get back home at 9:30pm, decompress with letting my dog lick my face even though I’m allergic to him, and it’s lights out by 11:30pm.

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