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    The Perfect Dish For Your Memorial Day Potluck

    Can’t think of what food to bring to your Memorial Day festivities? Well never fear, because pesto is here. We’ve all tried and loved pesto, so it’s sure to be the highlight of your bbq, beach party, or picnic on this work-free holiday. This recipe is made out of arugula, pumpkin seeds and Asiago cheese and

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    This Sophisticated Chocolate Recipe Will Make Any Dinner Date Sexy

    Dark chocolate is full of sophisticated flavor – the darker the better. I love dark chocolate with a cocoa content of over 70% combined with fresh fruits, particularly pomegranate. The unforgettable sensation of juicy, refreshing, sweet and sour pomegranate seeds bursting in the middle of bittersweet, dense chocolate is my favorite. These two different flavors

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    Try This Healthy 5 Min Recipe

    It’s not that I’m a crazy fanatic of olives, but I always have a jar in my kitchen. Why? For several reasons: Almost every person I know likes olives, they are cheap, they don’t go bad, they don’t need a long time to cook, and they are the perfect accompaniment to other dishes like meat,

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    The Perfect Spring Break Cocktail Recipe

    Want to get wasted for spring break but still stay healthy? Well, here’s a whiskey slushy to assist with your good time while maintaing your cute beach bod. It contains almost your entire day’s worth of fruit and it totally gets you DRUNK. Not only will you keep the bloat down, but you’ll keep your

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    Shed The Winter Lbs With This Garden Salad Recipe

    Seasons are changing and clothes are getting shorter and tighter. Many ladies have been hiding from the snow under a big cashmere sweater with a big bowl of takeout. It’s time to get our Summer bods back and it’s totally possible by just eating clean! Here’s a simple garden salad recipe with an easy dressing

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Showing results 1-10 out of 13 for MARTA FOWLIE.

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