9 Thoughts That Cross A Girl’s Mind While Desperately Considering Egg Donation

To sell or not to sell, that is the question. Here are the thoughts that cross a girl’s mind when she’s seriously considering donating eggs.

1. “Is this racist?” Upon coming across the ad for Asian or half-Asian egg doners in my university’s newspaper. In the egg-donating community, people freak out over the ethics of “choosing your donor,” and there’s paranoia over “designer babies.” Also, women with higher education and stellar SAT scores can actually make more for their eggs. Maybe it’s unethical, but it’s a way to get rich off being a babe with brains.

2. “How much money is $20,000, really?” It’s 1/10th of the amount it costs to book Nicki Minaj at your birthday party. It would pay for half a year of my education, or 20 months of rent in my LA apartment.

3. “Would I tell my parents? What about my boyfriend?” Probably not. My parents would be distressed at my desperation for cash, and given my bae’s ultra-Christian views on the value of human life, he’d definitely break up with me for even considering it.

4. “Then again, guys do it all the time.” Remember that movie where Vince Vaughn had, like, 500 kids from donating sperm? Like that.

5. “What if the baby came looking for me?” I know adopted kids are always going off in search of their bio-families after they turn 18. What if this random baby comes looking for me when I’m 38 and settled in with a brood of babies I actually, you know, wanted?

6. “How does it feel to be the person in need of a donation?” Not great: these women have tried to get pregnant naturally, they’ve tried in vitro, and this is their last resort. What would otherwise be an unused egg in my uterus could make some sad, desperate couple very very happy.

7. “What about all the babies who need to be adopted, though?” There are literally thousands of kids in the foster system who could fill the void in this random couple’s heart. How can I knowingly contribute to creating a child who will automatically have a loving home when there are so many in need? Oh, because I wouldn’t make any money of those kids getting adopted, that’s how.

8. “Does it hurt?” There’s no way you’ll be paid that much for an easy, painless process. With more research, I learned that donors take 15-days worth of pharmaceutical cocktails to increase the amount of eggs that can be extracted at one time. You can’t exercise, at all, and migraine headaches are a common side effect. Once it comes time for the unceremonious removal, you’re put under anesthesia for the surgery.

9. “It’s not worth it.” Ethics be damned, this is too sci-fi to be legit.

Featured Image by Ian Viggars

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