9 Things To Watch Out For At A Dude’s Place


Judging is huge in our society. But the real fun is in judging apartments. In fact it’s usually one of the first thing girls talk about with each other.

“Did you hang out with Johnny?”

“Yeah, I’m leaving his place right now! And holy crap, you won’t believe his apartment!”

Now Johnny is at the make it or break it stage in this conversation. He may think that he won her over last night with his wit and charm, but when she tripped over his old, Chinese take out box in his room, it was game over.

There are certain characteristics of a man’s apartment that girls should always be on the look out for, especially some red flags to take into consideration.


This is a tricky one because I once dated a guy who had a bookshelf, from the floor to the ceiling, filled with books. But when I took one of them out to read, it was f***ing fake. You couldn’t even open them. They were hollow blocks decorated as novels. Biggest scam ever (besides his personality).


He’s a f***ing man of travel. This guy has a sense of adventure and culture. Maybe he’ll whip out some espanol on you or show you Anthony Bourdain episodes. Either way this guy is down for learning new things.


Records/Musical Instruments

It’s important to find out his music taste to see if you two would be able to survive a road trip together or concerts or just the same breathing space. Also, see if he plays any instruments. I mean, you don’t want to date the guy who has a cowbell or plays the electric triangle. Those are probably the least sexiest instruments of all time.

Family Photos

This is one of the sweetest things to find in a guy’s home. He’s not embarrassed about displaying pictures of the ones he loves around his room or apartment. Plus, you get to see him in a totally different light.

Fridge Necessities 

Is his fridge stocked with red bulls? Does he have a Brita filter? Hot sauce? Does he leave take out food in his fridge? What the f*** is in there? No, really take a peek.



Is this guy a whiskey drinker? Does he have taste for bad beer? How much wine does he own? All key questions when a girl is sitting in his kitchen and waiting for him to finish using the bathroom. And if he doesn’t have any alcohol…well maybe you should peace out right then and there.


Is he the guy who secretly still loves his Teenage Ninja Turtles pillow? Or has he grown up and converted to all solid colors? Does he make his bed in the mornings or does he leave it as is for a few days. Also, is he able to pick up after himself or is his room only spotless after his maid cleans it?

Spotless Bathroom

No girl wants to ask to use the bathroom and find his hairy razor next to the sink or a mirror so dirty that you can hardly see your reflection back. You can easily tell if a guy is clean and what his personal hygiene is like by his bathroom alone.

Wifi Name

I’m always curious about what the wifi name is for some dudes. There’s a conversation starter right there if you’re feeling uncomfortable or awkward. If it’s “FratBoi4lyfe”, you may want to reconsider your options.

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