9 Things To Know About Winter Storm Jonas As Explained By Jonas Brothers GIFs

Winter Storm Jonas is coming, but instead of getting your facts from boring meteorologists, why not get the 411 from Winter Storm Jonas experts the Jonas Brothers?


Here’s what you need to know:

1. The storm is expected to hit the East Coast hard


Like two feet of snow, coastal flooding, high winds, biggest East Coast storm in a decade hard.  

2. And it’s coming soon


3. Although the National Weather Service issued a blizzard watch on Wednesday, Winter Storm Jonas isn’t expected to get started until Friday night. 


You know what that means, right? Shit’s about to get lit.

4. The hardest hit areas, which include Virginia, West Virginia and possibly DC and Baltimore, are expected to get 2 feet of snow. 


5. But don’t get jealous – because if you live anywhere from Tennessee to New England, there’s a chance Winter Storm Jonas could f your shit up too


6. Since it’s going to snow all weekend, there’s a good chance you’ll have to spend all of Saturday and Sunday watching Netflix and eating the contents of your fridge. 


6. Unless the power goes out and all the microwave dinners you bought become useless.


8. And you only manage to get halfway through whatever you’re watching before your computer dies and all you can do is read a book by the light of your iPhone.


9. Until that dies too, at which point you’ll be totally and completely alone.  

Winter Storm Jonas is coming, people. You best get ready.


All images via Tumblr. 


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