The 9 most naked dresses you can buy online right now

Everybody loves a good naked dress in the wild, but more often than not they’re the kind of thing you admire from afar and think to yourself, “man, I wish I could wear something like that.”

But here’s the thing, you can.

You just have to wear one because you want to wear one, you know? Like if you’re trying to work up the balls to wear a naked dress because you want to get some guy’s attention, you’ll probably never be able to make the plunge. But if you decide to wear a naked dress because you’re obsessed with your curves, you’ll be waltzing out the door in no time.

So now that you’re feeling inspired, we’ve compiled the best naked dresses the internet has to offer right now for you.

Be the Rihanna you wish to be in the world.

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1. Roses are red and here’s my belly button


You know that song “Lady in Red?” Yeah, that’s gonna be your theme song whenever you wear this dress out in public. Heads will turn, mouths will hit the floor, and don’t even get me started on how many glorious selfies will be taken.

Buy it here.

2. All that glitters is my everything


Dresses like this prove that you don’t need to show the most skin to be the most naked person in the room. You just need to wear something that’s totally see-through. Why should Rihanna and Bella Hadid be the only one to have all the see-through fun? Besides, it’s only $17. Live a little.

Buy it here.

3. The hippie


Miley wore a dress like this at the 2015 VMAs, but this version is significantly more suitable to wear in real life. People might call you thotty Barbie everywhere you go, but TBH there are wore things that could happen to you over the course of the night.

Buy it here.

4. The illusionist


This dress is actually a lot more covered up than it looks, so if you wanna wear a naked dress but you’re not quite ready to let your skin actually hang out, this is the dress for you. Plus it’s kinda classy. Wear it to the next wedding you get invited to for somebody you hate!

Buy it here.

5. The loincloth


The hottest new trend in skirts and dresses is to make like a cavewoman and wear a loincloth. Yes, you’ll have to be careful getting out of cars and probably buy stick-on underwear, or something, but that’s the sacrifice you have to pay to wear a statement dress.

Buy it here.

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6. Is there something fishy in here, or is it just my dress?


This dress is actually less naked than a lot of the other dresses on the list, but that’s the joy of an inherently thotty fabric like fishnet.

Buy it here.

7. The present


Your presence is a present, so why not showing up looking like an actual present?

Buy it here.

8. The Paris Hilton


This dress reminds us of something Paris Hilton would have worn in the 2000s (but hers would’ve been Cavalli) and we are here for it. After all, when your body is pure perfection, sometimes you have to wear something that shows every inch of it off.

Buy it here.

9. The ribbed, for her pleasure


Sorry, boys. This girl isn’t here to have five minutes of lackluster sex with you after the club closes. She’s just wearing it for her.

Buy it here.

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