9 different ways to rock the wet hair look

Kim Kardashian wasn’t the first celebrity to roll up to an awards show with wet hair, but after her wet hair look caused a stir at the VMAs this year, everybody started following her lead. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s not only one of the cleanest looks for the summer, but it’s also an innovative way to keep yourself cool this summer season.

Plus it makes you look like you DGAF and just threw on some clothes after you got out of the shower.

While some people think that the wet hair isn’t actually that versatile of a look, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case.

But before we get there, let’s start with the basics. Here’s how you’re gonna achieve your perfect wet hair look.

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First, make sure your hair is nice and dry. Don’t think you can achieve this look by actually stepping out of the shower!!!!!!!!!

OK, now dampen your hair in layers with a spray bottle filled with water

Great, now that it looks like you just hopped out of the shower, grab pomade NOT gel. The pomade I use is as simple as it gets you can grab it at your local drug store, American Crew Pomade.

Once you have your pomade, go through your hair section by section, coating it with pomade from the roots to to the ends. And keep adding pomade until your chosen sections look completely flattened and you’re satisfied with the way things look. Then use a fine toothed comb or brush to distribute the pomade evenly throughout the hair.

To give your hair a more vibrant pop, run a little shine serum through your hair. My favorite is the Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine.

Okay, now you’re finally ready for styling!

Here are the 9 different styles you can rock.

1. Braids

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You can master any type of braid with the wet hair base. Because the product in your hair is concentrated it makes it easier to manipulate the hair. Also because your hair is kind of sticky now, each knot in the braid will be super tight, allowing you to get a cleaner braid than regular. Other braids I would recommend for this would be fishtail, upside down, french, and even four strand.

2. The comb back

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For this look I would get a super fine comb and comb your hair straight back over and over again. Make sure you pay attention to the sides here and slick your hair back with your hand after each time you comb it. Commit to this motion until you’re feeling yourself.

3. The half slick half down

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This look is so great for going out! Start by pomading the front half of your hair, including roots. Then part your hair however you do, grab your comb and brush each side behind your ears. The final step is to secure the tight locks with a bobby pin so your dry/reg hair piles over top of it. Pro tip: spray your bobby pins with hairspray for a tighter hold before you insert them in your hair.

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4. The bumpy ride

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After achieving the wet aesthetic you’re looking for, simply run your fingers through your hair straight back, no comb necessary.

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5. The sleek pony

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For this look, only wet hair half of your head. Next grab a fine tooth comb and brush everything very tightly to the back like you’re putting up a pony. Once you’re happy with the flatness of the base secure it with a pony tail, and you can always go back in with the comb to brush out any bumps.

6. The bang it out

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For bangs, definitely add hairspray to make sure everything is secure. After your hair is wet, grab a brush, a comb or even use your fingers, whatever you prefer. Next, grab the bangs and style them how you see fit, I think this style looks great combed over into the rest of the hair like it is in the image above. But I also really like when people leave their wet bangs straight down and piece some thicker strands together.

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7. The go around

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This one is kind of like a comb over without the volume. It almost looks like she has a headband on in a way. I would use a fine tooth comb (again lol) and comb your part in the opposite direction. Then I would secure it with either a pony tail or bun, or maybe even a braid if you’re tryna get fancy.

8. The tight a$$ bun

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This is most likely the easiest look to accomplish here. All you need to do is grab your handy dandy fine tooth comb and part your hair down the middle, then brush all of your hair back (reserving the part) and twist your hair into a bun.

9. The just danced in the rain

Wet beachy glam last night #vmas

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After you’ve reached peak wet hair I would tousle your hair with your fingers and start to scrunch (shutters) your hair in an upward motion, almost like you’re cupping it up to your head. Do this to your entire hair and really get the roots as well. I would finish this with some hairspray to lock it down too.


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