8 Ways Girls Act Like Little Boys When They Have a Crush


Girls are always saying how boys are so immature and will never grow up. While in many ways this is 100% true, us girls certainly revert back to the ways of elementary school when we start catching feelings for a guy.

1. Ignore Him

Guy friend walks into the party: *runs up to him smiling, gives him a hug, and asks how he’s doing*

Guy you like walks into a party: *acts like he’s suddenly invisible while pretending what your friend just said to you was absolutely hilarious*

2. Mock Him Endlessly

We will never, and I mean never, tell a guy we like that he looks good. Instead, it’s more like “nice hat…loser.” If we’re really basic, we will steal the ugly hat and run around the bar with it until he catches us.

3. Give Him Blue Balls

When you’re horny, you have no problem tossing back a couple of whiskey-gingers and taking home a hottie from the bar. When you’re super into a dude that may just be boyfriend material, however, you use all the power within you(r vagina) to not give it up on the first date. If he’s lucky, you’ll acknowledge that he has a penis by date number 3.

4. Never Hit Him Up

For a friend, you’ll angrily triple text them until they respond to your previous message about meeting up for sushi-burritos. But for a guy? Obviously it’s his job to hit you up, because if he was into you, he’d contact you first.

5. Be-friend His Bestie

If his friends like you, he’ll eventually like you, right? Or he might mistakenly think that you’re into his friend… Either way, if his BFF keeps inviting you to hang, you’ll inevitably get close to the guy you actually like.

6. Find Any Way To Talk About Them (Usually Bad)

Depending on how smart your friends are, they’ll probably still see right through your gossip about how “Oh my god, that guy Jason is sooooo annoying.”

7. Find Any Reason To Hate On His Girlfriend (Or Potential Love Interest)

If you’re in the friend zone with a dude, he might come to you for advice on the ladies. Naturally, any girl he brings up is certainly not up to par with your standards for him (unless it’s you, duh). No matter who he asks about, you’ll always find some reason to eliminate her from his prospects, even if you might be making up a little white lie…

8. Deny Your Interest Until You’re Absolutely Sure He Feels The Same

Even to our closest friends, us girls still can’t always admit that we’ve caught the feels for someone, especially if we don’t know that he likes us back.

Friend: So, you seem to talk about Todd a lot, are you into him?

You: Ew? Him! No….Wait, why? Did he say something about me?

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