8 Tyra Banks Smizes That Can Help You Conquer The World, Universe, Life (In Gifs)!

Happy Birthday Tyra!!! To celebrate the original smize queen’s day, were sharing 8 of the only smize’s you’ll EVER need to know to CONQUER THE WORLD! Check em out below!
tumblr_mps27miqXO1sqa8uao2_400 tumblr_mps27miqXO1sqa8uao3_400 tumblr_mps27miqXO1sqa8uao4_400 tumblr_mps27miqXO1sqa8uao6_400 tumblr_mps27miqXO1sqa8uao7_400 tumblr_mps27miqXO1sqa8uao8_400 tumblr_mps27miqXO1sqa8uao9_400

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