8 Things That White Guys Say To Middle Eastern Girls

So I’ve had guys from all over say the most heinous things about my Middle Eastern heritage. But for some reason, white guys have taken the cake every time. Here are a few things white guys have said to me in the past. #flirtyracism

1.“You’re really exotic. I love exotic women.”
Cool, I’m not a tropical parrot at the zoo though so go rot.

2.“Can I call you Princess Jasmine.”
No fool, you can call me by my actual name.

3.“Ohhh so you’re a terrorist!”

4.“So you’re from Iraq. How are things going over there?”
Raving & raging actually…Um do you watch the news? The country is virtually on fire what do you THINK I’m going to say?

5.“Do you speak Eye-racki?”
You’re an idiot and yes I speak ARABIC with an Iraqi dialect, what is wrong with you?
tumblr_mv3rirjrdg1sqhsxxo1_400 copy

6.“Are you super Muslim? Is your family fundamentalist?”
This is a really weird question to ask someone you’ve just met but for some reason Middle Eastern girls get asked this a lot. Yes, I’m an Islamic fundamentalist, that’s why I’m over here throwing back whiskey shots and not praying in the corner of the bar.

7.“Where’s your headscarf?”
I dunno, where’s YOUR headscarf?
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.11.53 PM

“Sunni or Shiite?”
Another really strange thing to ask someone you just met at a bar. What does it matter to you, does you’re Anglo ass even know the difference? Also there are plenty of other religions in the Middle East you ignorant loser, so take that and dip it in some hummus.

Rula Al-Nasrawi is a Columbia Graduate whose writing has appeared in ViceThe Atlantic, and other online publications. Her first language is valley girl. Californian bred, NYC residing. @RulaOfTheWorld

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