8 OMG GIFs From The Season Finale Of Empire

Last night’s 2 hour Empire season finale was everything from my WTF dreams. Death, backstabbing, sex, catfights, dogfights, a pregnancy, and a hookup that made me f***ing gag; it all went down on Empire last night. If you were lame enough to miss the wrap-up of the most entertaining show on television (side-eye) here are 8 GIFs to catch you up on some of the episode’s most talked about moments. I’m already thirsting for season 2.

We open the episode with Andre finding religion in his mental facility (with Jennifer Hudson leading you there, anyone would). Lucious cracks a lame Jesus joke and the conniving begins.

After Cookie turns down his marriage proposal and starts hooking up with Empire’s head of security, Lucious has her ousted from the company (some lame shit about convicts not being able to serve on the board that somehow never came up sooner)

Cookie founds out that Lucious killed Bunky and that he isn’t really dying!! Ah! He was misdiagnosed with ALS and his autoimmune disease (some random word they made up that I won’t bother to recall) is entirely treatable. You’ll be waiting a long time Cookie (sigh).

Lucious gets some of his frustrations out, and cures his writing block, with the most random/weird/wtf-am-i-watching sing off with Jamal to a vaguely flamenco sounding track. Ay.

In coronation news: JAMAL GETS THE COMPANY. Guess his gayness isn’t contagious anymore? Or something?

THE MOMENT OF MY LIFE: Cookie comes for Boo Boo Kitty’s ass after she finds out she has been SEDUCING HAKEEM (aka her former stepson) in order to regain leverage at the company. GET HER COOKIE! That shit was disgusting. This fight was epic.

Oh yeah, the company finally goes public. Yawn.

Lucious gets arrested for Bunky’s death right after the IPO (ooop, so much for that stock valuation), but who snitched?? (Hint: Vernon)(Other hint: Vernon’s DEAD)

Guys: so much other shit went down last night, I’m still reeling. Someone got killed by someone else, someone ALMOST got killed with someone else (and you probably should have committed to that girl), and so much more. You HAVE to watch the episode (it’s called Hulu people). Don’t be the lame who doesn’t know what everyone at work is talking about.

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