8 Foods That Give You A Big Booty


There are ass men and there are boob men, but as of late it seems like the butt is slaying the game. I blame rap (just as I blame rap for the anal sex crisis of 2013) because rappers are OBSESSED WITH ASS.

Like Drake said, “ya booty a little bigger and I think that shit is great.” He’s right, booties are amazing, especially when they are big and round and juicy. Who wants a pancake for a butt? And who wants to see a flat ass in jeans? No one, that’s who.

There are a thousand work outs you can do to focus of growing your trunk junk, but it’s all worth shit if you don’t eat foods your booty will love and hang on to. These foods are high in protein with low levels of saturated fats. Proteins aid in building muscle mass and saturated fats bloat you.

“Complete meat” like beef is a no-no because it has just as much fat as protein. Even so-called “lean meat” has saturated fats which are burned before your body gets to the proteins, meaning your entire workout is spent working off the excess before your body can focus on building muscle.

Instead of wasting your time with sub-par foods, focus on:





Almonds & Cashews (unsalted please)

Spinach and dark green leaves


Sweet Potatoes

These foods let your booty shine!

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