8 Dating Habits You Need To Drop After College

When you’re in high school, you can’t wait until you enter the world of casual hook-ups, drunk sex, and lack of inhibitions known as college. When you’re in college, you can’t wait until you enter the world of “adult life” which includes “real” dates, commitment, and guys with a steady source of income. However, the transition from college to post-grad life is harder than one would think, especially in terms of dating. If you don’t drop your college dating habits once you walk at graduation, you may as well stick to fucking frat guys.

1. Having a “thing”

When you’re young (and naïve), it seems so fun and easy to simply be “talking” with someone. However, the longer you stay “un-defined” in your relationship, the more complicated your relationship gets. Are you allowed to hook up with other people? Is it okay to be texting other dudes? Why hasn’t he deleted his Tinder account? This only gets worse when your friends and family start asking about boys and you have to explain that you’re “kind of dating someone, but we’re not officially together.” Not only is your father shaking his head disapprovingly, your sister knows you’re dating a douchebag.

2. Hooking up with guys who sleep past noon

Walk of shames aren’t desirable, and neither is going to bed without brushing your teeth. Therefore, you always try to get guys to come back to your place rather than vice versa. But, somehow every guy you bring home has this problem where he sleeps until late afternoon. In college, this is somewhat acceptable. I mean, you might not even have class, and if you do, you can skip it. But after college, you (hopefully) have a job to get to. If it’s a weekend, you still have a bunch of errands to get done, or you at least have brunch plans. Nobody likes a guy who overstays his welcome, and if he seriously has nothing to do all day but sleep, he’s probably not the guy for you.

3. Late night drunk texts

Our generation isn’t the greatest at saying what we feel. But the older you get, the more you need to practice. If the only time you can tell a guy that you want him to come over is when you’re hammered, you need to grow up a little bit. It’s also childish to send angry texts to the guys who ghosted you when you’re drunk. If you’re seriously texting “feck off” to that dude who never called you back, all you’re going to do is make him happy that he never called.

4. Needing to be drunk to have sex

Say what you will, but drunk sex is overrated. If you need a glass or two of wine to unleash your inner freak, that’s one thing. But if you need to chug 6 shots of tequila prior to feeling comfortable naked, that’s another story. There is a time and place for drunk sex, and that place is in college, where you black out and take home a random dude from your Biology class on a Tuesday night.

5. Netflix and chill 

If you were asked out on a “real” date in college, it was sort of a big deal. A simple invitation to dinner was the most romantic gesture you witnessed in your entire college career. However, once guys grow up and start making money, it’s time for them to stop using “Netflix and chill” or pre-games as sad excuses for dates. You don’t need to expect a steakhouse or a five course meal, but you also shouldn’t settle for Breaking Bad and a blowjob.

6. #RelationshipGoals

Do you really need to make it Facebook official anymore? If someone is your friend, they’ll know you’re in a relationship. If you’re worried about people thinking your boyfriend is single, he shouldn’t be your boyfriend. Declaring a relationship on Facebook is more of a burden than a blessing, especially once you two break-up. Additionally, it’s not really necessary to post about every cute thing your guy does for you on Instagram. Why don’t you enjoy his attention rather than trying to make everything into a picture perfect snapshot?

7. Unprotected sex

If you’ve gone all of college participating in unprotected sex without catching an STD, consider yourself very lucky. Beating teen pregnancy is cool and all, but it won’t be that cool if you wake up on your 24th birthday with HPV…or worse.

8. Keeping in touch with exes

If your ex boyfriend was in your friend group or lived in your dorm, it’s understandable for you two to stay on friendly terms. However, once you graduate your life gets much busier, and you don’t need to continue making time for ex lovers in order to be “nice.” When you start getting older, it’s more important to date guys that you see a future with. In other words, stop wasting time drunk texting your loser ex when you could be on a date with your future husband.




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