8 Boy Band Covers To Start Your Day #TBT

The end of the week is so close yet so so far away. Hang in there, we have just the thing to boost your morale: boy bands. In the spirit of throwback Thursday we bring you killer covers of your favorite beloved boy bands.

by: Shannon Kurlander


Charli XCX “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys)

Arcade Fire “Motownphilly” (Boyz II Men)

The Fifth Harmony “The Right Stuff” (New Kids On The Block)

One Direction “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys)

Chvrches “Stay Another Day” (East 17)

Jason Mraz “It’s Hard To Say Goodbye” (Boyz II Men)

Our Last Night “Bye Bye Bye” (Nsync)

John Mayer “Gone” (‘N Sync)
Gone (‘N Sync Cover Live) by John Mayer on Grooveshark

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