These 8 apps make traveling the world for the first time way easier

Planning a trip can seem totally stressful at first.

How are you supposed to figure out getting from place to place and what if you’re trying to keep it cheap? I absolutely thought this before my first time backpacking alone, but I found out there are so many apps that can be really helpful to use on the road. These are my favorites for finding places to stay and cool stuff to check out.



In the likely event that you don’t plan on shelling out money for an international phone plan, you’ll probably find yourself stuck without Google Maps. You’ll definitely want to download, which is an offline maps service meaning that you can get directions literally anywhere without using data. You can download it here!

2. HostelWorld

If you’re trying to meet new people and get right in the heart of action (which, duh, you’re traveling) I highly recommend staying at a hostel. Especially if you’re traveling alone, it is such an awesome way to meet other people who are also down to adventure and go out.

If you’re trying to travel cheap (and safe), HostelWorld can totally have your back. The app has thousands of hostels all over the world ranked by safety, atmosphere and location so you can find the perfect combination of beauty rest and having a good time.

Just make sure to check how many reviews there are, you don’t want to get stuck in a place that says 5 stars but only one person reviewed it and that person was the manager. Check out the options here.

3. Skyscanner

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This is the fastest way I’ve found to book cheap flights. Sometimes when I’m bored I just check Skyscanner to see all the cool places I could be instead of sweating it out on the L Train in NYC. Just dreaming. You can download the app here.

4. Rome2Rio

This app can get you from A to B by showing you the time and money it takes to fly, train, bus, and taxi between destinations. It even shows you transportation schedules and can help you book a car. Check it out.

5. CouchSurfing

Couch surfing lets people offer housing for travelers often because they are interested in meeting new people and showing them around their city. Staying in a random person’s house does sound kinda crazy but Couch Surfing has you make a profile, kind of like Facebook, which asks you everything from what languages you speak to what books you’re reading, and people leave reviews for each other.

Definitely take some caution with this one, but it is a really great way to meet local people and get a better understanding of customs while you’re there! Find a couch to sleep on here.

6. Facebook groups: girls love travel

When I was in Cambodia, I met some girls who were traveling together and said that they had met on Facebook. This totally opened my eyes to all the awesome travel groups on Facebook for suggestions, advice and literally just supporting other women and cheering them on as they travel the world.

The group “Girls Love Travel” is literally all of that and is such an awesome resource to have. They also have a website here.

7. Meetup

The app Meetup has a travel segment which can be a really cool way to link up with another group of people that are traveling or all trying to go out, just don’t get catfished. Check it out here.

8. Roadtrippers

This one’s just for US travel. But Roadtrippers is awesome for finding off-the beaten path stops and planning your own Crossroads style trip. I once drove from New York to Texas to pick up a hairless cat my friend bought on the internet and purely used Roadtrippers to find food, places to stay, and fun things to look at. 10 out of 10. Start planning your trip here.

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