8 Apps That’ll Seriously Help You Get Your Shit Together

“This is the year I’m going to get my shit together,” says everyone. You might actually. Or you might not. No judgment. Either way, a few mini habit changes and time-savers are totally possible with the help of these godsent apps.

1. Instacart:  

Download here.

Remember how you told yourself you’d stop eating out so often, but grocery shopping kinda sucks? It’s a terrible cycle, but this app helps with that. Instacart gets groceries delivered to your door within an hour. It partners with most of your favorite nearby grocery stores (and farmer’s markets!), so you can pick and choose your week’s grocery list right from your phone.

2. 1 Gallon A Day:  

Download here.

Every year, we promise ourselves that we’ll “drink more water.” But realistically, with pressing things like a long-ass commute, or a um…a job, or keeping up with 7 group chats going on at once, these things tend to keep us from watching our h20 intake throughout the day. Use 1 Gallon A Day to track what you drink, and it’ll show the progress in reaching the goal of (you guessed it), one gallon a day!

3. Secret Calculator Folder Free:  

Download here.

You know those sexy photos and NSFW screenshots that really do belong in a secret album? It’s time to put them in that secret album. It’s called Secret Calculator Folder Free, and it’s the best out there because for starters, it’s not called “private album” or something ridiculously non-discrete. It also looks (and works) just like a calculator icon on your screen, it’s password protected (+includes a decoy password), and you can save everything from images, videos, conversations, and locations.  Sketchiness averted. Or embraced, we’re not sure yet.

4. Venmo:

Download here.

In case you’re in the remaining few super-late adapters who are scared of linking your bank with technology, please do yourself + your friends a favor and get on the damn bandwagon. Like, now. Yes, it’s safe. But sending, requesting, and splitting bills with your roomies is now much less awkward since you don’t have to ask them for that “$13.74 cable bill” to their faces.

5. Nurx:  

Download here.

Nurx is like the Uber for birth control, so a three-month supply is delivered right to your door—20+ brands of the pill, and even the ring. Your BC is free with insurance, or $15/month without it. Nurx saves you the long visit to Planned Parenthood or call with your doctor, so you can get on with…you know, getting it on.  

6. Evernote:  

Download here.

You can’t keep taking notes in that eyesore Notes app on your phone. Evernote saves a bunch of random information all together (reminders, shopping lists, pictures, music, etc…) in pretty little folders you never knew you needed. Trust us on this, you’ll never go back. It’s super clean, your notes are easy to find again, and you really don’t need to do any extra work.

7. Clue:

Download here.

Tracking your period today isn’t just way to confirm that you’re not preggers (unless you’re actually trying to get preggers, in which case that’s helpful too), but seeing all the deets in front of you helps you to manage and understand some of your maybe-not-so-random behavior. There are LOTS of period trackers out there, but Clue is definitely the least annoying, and nicest to look at. As you use it more, Clue analyzes your info and gives you the low down on period and mood history, PMS predictions, and ovulating days. You can get as simple (track only your flow dates), or as detailed (note your skin symptoms, energy levels, days you’re *intimate*) as you want.

8. Rinse:  

Download here.

There’s finally some relief against the dreaded time sucker that is called “laundry day.” Rinse will pick up your laundry and turn it around in approximately 3 days (or next day for an extra $5). Oh, and they handle dry cleaning.

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