7 Trends From The ’90s That Desperately Need A Revival

The resurrection of chic sportswear, plastic chokers, belly chains and platforms remind us how fantastic the ’90s really were. It was a time of boy bands, girl power, walkman, and absurdly great fashion. While the ’90s are most certainly making a comeback in the world of fashion, we’re still forgetting to include the truly best trends from the ’90s (how could we forget slap bracelets?). Take a trip down memory lane and help us bring back these glorious fashion highlights.


by: Shannon Kurlander

Slap Bracelets
The kind of jewelery that understands your attention span. It’s a toy and an accessory: with one slap it wraps perfectly around your wrist.

While American Apparel sells a stock of trendy scrunchies, we have yet to see this fashion have a widespread comeback. We’re talking scrunchies of all kinds: cheap solid colors, the statement scrunchy worn around the wrist waiting to come in handy….you know.

Zip-off Pants
While these may have been kind of hideous during the Limited Too era, someone could make them chic. Just think how practical this item really is.

Mood Rings
Mood rings really followed the trend of ’90s fashions that are all about the aspect of fun. If you were ever unsure or confused, just take a look at your mood ring and it tell all.

Graphic Lunchboxes
This ’90s trend is just waiting for a high fashion makeover. Let’s bring back the graphic lunchbox as a chic purse.

Comb Headbands
This hair accessory has reappeared on the NYFW scene but has yet to make a streetwear comeback. A girl can’t have too many hair accessories, can they? Practical and cute.

Neon Windbreakers
We’re really pushing for this one. Perhaps we’ll see some bright neons this fall?

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