7 Tips For Finding The Perfect V-Day Lingerie

Are you stressing over finding the perfect lingerie for all of your Valentine’s Day shenanigans? Well, stress no longer.

Lingerie has truly evolved from the censored nature of earlier centuries to today’s use of praising the female body. “Sexy” is a term used frequently, with women appreciating the use of lace and updated designs.

“Matching briefs is a trend that we are seeing grow every season,” lingerie brand Triumph’s Head of Product Development told me. “The sheer trend is here to stay, so consumers are paying more attention to their undergarments.”

Your underpinnings must always be on fleek, ladies!

According to Triumph, this is how to find the perfect lingerie:

1. Fit is always key.

Have a lingerie specialist fit you to make sure you find the right size.

2. Focus on comfort.

You’re not going to feel sexy if you’re fidgeting all day.

3. Don’t just go for the traditional red.

Spice it up with blush or jewel tones.

4. Make sure to buy a set.

That means a bra + 2 briefs.

5. Try a different style.

Go for a bralette instead of the push-up.

6. Don’t forget about sleepwear.

Think matching chemises to the bras.

7. At the end of the day, find something that fits your personality.

Like the rest of your clothes, this is your personal expression.

Still not sure? Try Triumph’s special occasion set for Valentine’s Day: Amourette Spotlight Lace Bralette ($42), Hipster Thong ($32), and Suspender Belt ($36).

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