7 Times Jennifer Lawrence Was The Perfect Human

Jennifer Lawrence is everything. It’s hard to compact why she is perfect into only 7 bullet points, but we tried…

1. She stood up to body-shamers and unrealistic Hollywood body expectations.

In numerous interviews and talk-shows, J-Law has made it very clear that she does not agree with Hollywood’s crazy body expectations and has even said it should be illegal to call someone fat. PREACH.

2. She went on vacation with Amy Schumer.


Only two of the funniest, most awesomest people on planet Earth went water skiing together on vacation with a bunch of other female friends. Can I photoshop myself on the water ski with them, who would notice?

3. She wrote a letter on the gender wage gap.

Of course she’s a badass feminist, how could we possibly think otherwise. For Lena Dunham’s new Lenny’s Letters campaign, J-Law discusses why she makes less than her male co-stars. Check it out here.

4. She attained actual squad goals.


Yep, that’s her hanging with Adele and Emma Stone. They apparently hung out and got dinner together. *Heavy Breathing*

5. She strongly defended Planned Parenthood.

In her most recent interview, she opens up to Glamour about her movies, her homies, and how she considers the attacks on Planned Parenthoods as attacks on women. Read it here!

6. She doesn’t give a shit what people think about her…ever.


Whether openly discussing her crushes on live TV, taking goofy photos, tripping on the red carpet, or admitting her adorable obsession for pane glass windows, she couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about her and it’s causing the entire nation to have a hard-core crush on her.

7. She’s Jennifer Lawrence.


Need we say more?

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