7 Things Lana Del Rey Revealed In Her New ‘Billboard’ Interview

In a new interview (accompanying a cover shoot) for Billboard, Lana Del Rey spoke openly with Bruce Wagner, an interviewer who admires Lana’s success as it’s own entity and aspect of Lana’s icon. “I’m so grateful,” Lana said. “I am aware that it could easily not have happened. That I could have become…an American nightmare. I see her —Lana— I listen to her and watch her, and I’m…protective.”

Despite being protective, their candid conversation covers everything you might want to know about the mysterious pop singer; Lana spilled about her relationships to relationships, surprising aspirations, reflections on her own career, and her own long-standing battle with anxiety. Here, we compile all the juicy details and our favorite moments from the interview, tailored for the true Lana fan.

  1. She wants to make a short film. “I’ve been thinking it might be time to do a longer video, a 40-minute video. I was watching The Sandpiper, and I was working on something kind of based on that.”
  2. She’d like to write a book. “I’d like to write a book one day. But you need a beginning, a middle and an end! I can deal with four minutes — but I’m not so sure about a book.”
  3. On her first boyfriend: “I remember when I was 16, I had a boyfriend. I think he was… 25? I thought that was the best thing. He had an F-150 pickup and let me drive it one time. I was so high up! I panicked and was worried I might kill someone — run over a nun or something. I started to shake. I was screaming and crying. I saw him looking over, and he was smiling. He said, “I love that you’re out of control.” He saw how vulnerable I was, how afraid, and he loved that. The balance shifted from there. I had the upper hand — until then.”
  4. She likes having a boyfriend. “For someone like me—and it’s not a codependent thing—I just like having someone there. I’ve been alone, and that’s fine. But I like to come home and have someone there. You know, to say, “Oh, he’s here.”
  5. How Lana deals with panic attacks. And what else scares her. “To calm myself down. I reward myself. You know, “If I finish this, then I’ll do that” — I’ll go for a walk on the beach or swim in the ocean. I go for swims and am actually shocked I do that. Because one thing I’m terrified of is sharks.”
  6. She loves Leonard Cohen. “I love Leonard—because he’s all about women. Women and God.”
  7. Her perfect role: “Someone wanted me to be Sharon Tate. I thought, “That’s so right.” At that time, there were three Manson movies being talked about, but none were ever made. So maybe that was the answer.”


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