11 Things Every Girl Should Do Before An Interview

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So you finally heard back from that uber cool company that you’ve been dying to work for. They want you to come in for an interview TOMORROW and you’re kind of freaking out. Here’s what you should do to prepare for an interview on short notice and what you’re probably thinking right before.

1. OMG! I can’t believe I heard back from them! And they want me to come in for an interview?! I need to call mom and tell her!

2. *Reads Email* okay they want me to come in literally tomorrow morning. Whaa?? How do I get ready that quickly? Holy Sh*tttt like, I’m not ready for this at alll.

3. Okay but really, like what in the HELL am I gonna wear?!?

It’s hard to find the best places to search for interview appropriate outfits: You’re in a crunch to throw something together and your most trusty Helmut Lang blazer is at the dry cleaner and they’re closed, so what do you do? Look thru your closet and see if you have anything that could possibly work. But, chances are, you’ll want a fresh fit- cuz what feels better than new clothes? If you want a classic dress that you can wear to more than just your interview, check out James Perse for classic layering pieces. If you already have a top in mind, pick up a cool pair of slacks from T by Alexander Wang that are professional but unexpected.

4. Less is More: aka I guess I shouldn’t wear that new statement necklace I just got…

Consider your beauty look for the interview and what will compliment you and the perfect outfit you’ve chosen. Chances are, you’re wearing black, so stick to what you know- minimal accessories (no clinking bangle bracelets), a small bag so you don’t look clunky and a pair of shoes (heels most likely) that are a neutral color and add a bit of class to your look.

5. Okay, got the outfit together (mostly) maybe I should do some research? Who’s interviewing me?

Before an interview it’s important to look at who is interviewing you. Learn about them by stalking their LinkedIn pages, looking them up on Google, and other social media to better understand who you’ll be talking to. If you have mutual connections who you actually know, contact them and see if they know any valuable or interesting information about your interviewer. It’s a good idea to find something you can relate to, which will make conversation come more easily. Make sure to really research the company you are interviewing with. Find out general information like who started it? Where it began? But also find little facts that show that you really did that research (without sounding like a know it all).

6. When was the last time I updated my LinkedIn page?

Although this site seems kind of like a tedious waste of time to some of us millennials, it’s a good idea to make sure everything matches up to your resume and looks like you put some work into it. A professor once told me, your profile should always be on “Expert” or “All-Star” which means, you have put as much information on there as you possibly can (that’s accurate of course).

7. Make sure you have a resent copy of your resume!

Print out a couple fresh copies on good-quality paper and make sure all important information is up to date and accurate.

8. Is there anything else I need to do?

Make sure you have the items you need to bring, with your bag packed and (mostly) ready so you aren’t frantically throwing things together the morning of. I suggest along with your resume, you bring a notebook/notepad to jot anything important down you learn in the interview (not that it won’t all be important).

9. Okay so you’re prepared, (or as prepared as you’re gunna be) What now?

Make sure to go to bed early, you don’t want to look like a hag who’s stayed up all night watching the newest season of Orange is The New Black. Get some sleep, drink a lot of water, limit yourself to only one glass of wine.. and remember you only get one chance at a first impression.

10. Wake up refreshed

Okay you got plenty of sleep, but make sure you wake up with enough time to plan everything out so you won’t be stressin even more. Before you begin getting ready, factor in where your interview is, how to get there, parking, etcetera and then plan around that. Today is not the day to try a new hair style or crazy makeup. Go with a tried and true style that you know looks great and is easy to do!

11. Get PUMPED up!

Set aside a few  minutes to dance in front of the mirror to a song that really gets you going, like Beyonce (obvi) and KILL that interview!

Good Luck!

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