7 Slang Terms You Need To Know About

Slang is constantly changing. A person can immediately tell what type of person you are depending on the slang terms you know and use. Here are some of the top terms to know from 2015:

Turnt: When a person is turnt it means they are fucked up, if a place or an event is turnt, it means it was crazy and fun.


Ex. I’m buying two handle because I want to get turnt the fuck up.

Basic: One of my favorites, basic is used to describe an individual who has absolutely zero interesting features or characteristics about them.


Ex. ‘Don’t be basic.’

Giving Me Life: A phrase used for something that makes you feel better.


Ex. ‘These french fries are giving me life.’

Squad: 2015 equivalent to ‘clique.’


Ex. ‘Me and my squad are gonna roll through.’

Lit: When something is turnt. Or when someone is really high.


Ex. ‘Dude, that place was lit last night.’

Fam: Those who are closest to you’ they’re like family.


Ex. ‘Hey can you bring me a double-double?’ ‘Yeah I got you fam.’

On Fleek: A phrase for something that is perfect


Ex. ‘Girl, my eyebrows are on fleek today.’

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