Too Sexy: 7 Sexy Contenders For This Year’s Sexiest Man Alive!

Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine, is to be named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine this year, officially marking the end of everything that is good in life. Following ACTUALLY sexy honorees like Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper, the magazine’s choice to give the singer one of America’s most highly coveted titles (for horny, middle-aged women) is baffling people across the country. We’re taking a look at some of Hollywood’s hottest guys that we think would fill the position (and MY VAGINA) a lot better than Mr. Levine. Check em out below!

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

Having already been up for the title before, Jake is a strong contender for this years honor. Also, have you SEEN his smile!?

5. Alexander Skarsgård

If you’ve ever seen True Blood, you know why…

4. Jon Hamm
Everyone’s favorite Mad Men and anti-underwear advocate!

3. Michael Fassbender
Michael can Bender my Fass anytime!

2. Chris Hemsworth
This hot Aussie has wowed us with his big pecks and HUGE hammer as Thor, the god of thunder. We’re definitely into going down down under!

2. Matt Bomer
Matt showed he has ALL the qualifications for the title when he played a stripper in Magic Mike this year

1. Henry Cavill

I mean he played SUPERMAN! And if you’ve seen him in the costume, you’ll understand why this big brit deserves the title.

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