7 Reasons Why Jean Paul Gaultier’s Final Show Was Everything

As sad as we are to see one of our favorite designer’s stage his last ready-to-wear show, we knew that he was going to go out with a bang and we couldn’t be less pleased with his show at Paris Fashion Week.

1. It was themed like a beauty pageant.

Your guilty pleasure of watching “Toddler’s and Tiara’s” has nothing on this. Tell me where else you can find a beauty pageant filled with the hottest models, some nearly naked older women, and the sexiest dudes; all clothed in the amazing designs of Gaultier complete with their own rhinestone studded sashes.



2. We love some boss ass fashion inspiration.

Gaultier never fails to surprise us with where he finds his inspiration. We loved his pinstriped looks reminiscent of mobsters and his bandana-inspired designs. Nothing makes us feel like bad bitches like a little hint of mobster, gangster, or even wrestler, in our wardrobes.



3. We could relate to the models.

Not only did Gaultier choose to use a slew of models varying in age and body-type, the models acted just like us. From taking selfies at the end of the runway (guilty), to Coco Rocha’s end of show tumble (definitely guilty), we were happy to see girls who dressed fabulously but were more relatable.


4. We love us some cougars…

Every high-fashion, agency model can look great in a leotard, but seeing a silver-haired fox rocking one is a whole different ballgame. Gaultier reminded us that while we do age, we don’t have to follow society’s expectations for how to dress past a certain birthday.


5. And some man candy.

The only thing better than some grown women rocking leather jackets and pumps? The rock hard bodies that were accompanying them. We had a hard time focusing on the clothes with these bad boys in our sight.


6. Gaultier made us chuckle as usual.

We loved the irony of the pieces with “logo” printed across them. Because who doesn’t love a good poke at the fashion industry? Especially from somebody in the inner circle.


7. The show ended with a party!

What other way to end the designers last ready-to-wear show then with a party? Galore couldn’t have done it better ourselves.


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