7 Products That Will Fix Your Skin Overnight, Seriously

Maybe you had a wild night out or a really hectic day at work, or perhaps school is just draining you and now your skin is freaking out, and you’re freaking out too. From blemishes that pop up from stress, to dark circles, or just generally tired looking skin, life can take a toll on your complexion.

The first step to recovery is cleansing. Throughout the day pollutants from the air and dirt and grime can accumulate on your skin, combined with all the germs that can get transferred from everything you touch with your hands to your face, it’s important to make sure to remove all traces of the day (or night). If your skin is already aggravated, it’s important to use a cleanser that wont strip your skin. While we want to want our skin to be clean, we don’t want to strip away moisture, which will just make existing issues worse. NEVER sleep with makeup on no matter how exhausted you are, it will just clog your pores and age you prematurely. Just think of all the things you came into contact with and how many times you absentmindedly touched your face. All that is just hanging out on your face waiting to cause trouble. At the very least, running a makeup wipe over your face will remove a good portion of that, but the best option is a gel cleanser with a bit of exfoliation for good measure. Our top pick is the Jurlique Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel, it’s formulated with Jojoba oil, which has a similar natural composition to skin’s natural oils, as well as microbeads for some gentle scrubbing action.

Rinsing with cold water following cleansing can help to close up your pores, and following with a hydrating mist like BLOOM’S Hydrating Botanical Mist is not only refreshing, but can soothe irritated skin with ingredients like Aloe Vera and Rose Hydrosol (both are moisturizing but won’t break you out). When your skin is still damp from the mist, patting on an oil, like Jojoba Oil, locks in the moisture and primes your face for a nice hydrating cream. It might seem counterintuitive to add oil into your routine if you’re breaking out, but Jojoba oil is a balancing oil, meaning if your skin is crazy oily or crazy flakey, it’ll help your face regulate. It also adds a slight glow, and who doesn’t want that?

After you’ve let the oil sink into your skin for a few minutes, it’s best to top it all off with a rich moisturizer. Charlotte’s Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturizer is a favorite from our beauty closet, it addresses a host of concerns from dehydration to puffiness to dark spots. We recommend using circular motions to massage it in, taking care to be delicate around the eye area, getting the blood flowing to your face and just pampering yourself a little before you finally retreat to the haven that is your bed.

The next morning, after hopefully a night of restful sleep, your skin should look as refreshed as you look, but you shouldn’t just stop there. Throw a facial mist into your bag or a facial essence stick, like this one from Bebe and Bella, to continue to hydrate your complexion all day long and not undo all the hard work you just did. While this regimen should be enough to revive even the most fatigued face, sometimes you need a little extra heavy lifting. This is where serums come in. They pack concentrated ingredients that are more easily absorbed than in other products. ARMANI Luminessence Bright Regenerator Concentrate has a silky texture that minimizes pores and instantly imparts brightness back into your skin. Serums are best applied after your toner or facial mist, just make sure your face is mostly dry and wait 5 to 10 minutes to make sure it has fully absorbed before adding your moisturizer on top. If congestion is your main concern, a brightening serum probably isn’t what you’re looking for. A heavy hitter like PCA Skin Intensive Clarity Treatment, containing Retinol, an ingredient which is a form of Vitamin A and promotes cell turnover. Using a serum like this can help clear out your clogged pores, and fade discoloration and dark spots. A warning about Retinol though: It can cause flaking and peeling at first and makes your skin super sensitive to sunlight, so if you decide to go the serum route, make sure to wear a sunscreen the next day (which you should be doing anyway)! Remember that even your worst day only lasts 24 hours, and so can your skin concerns. Taking a few extra steps to take care of yourself can make a major difference, and we can almost guarantee it will make the next day easier.

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