7 Products You Need To Pamper Yourself With At Home

So, you’re all refreshed and rejuvenated after a winter break of lying in bed and eating mom’s cooking. Keep the relaxation going on as you get back to your regularly scheduled grind by taking a moment every day to pamper yourself. Soothing essential oils, clay masks, and bath bombs are on the menu. Keep calm and spa on!

Plant’s CALM DOWN Organic Body Oil.  Use this lightly scented oil after a bath or shower to improve skin elasticity and moisturize deeply. The scent of organic essential oils of ginger and lavender help calm and clear your mind—aromatherapists have used them for these purposes for centuries.

Glow Recipe’s Camellia Soombi Night Cream. A richly formulated cream that delivers and intensive dose of moisture for deep hydration to help reduce and precent signs of premature aging and a relaxing, gentle scent to help wind your evening down.

Hi Wildflower’s Herbal Steam. A great way to open pores and calm the senses. Take a spoonful of herbs and pour boiling water over them. Make a tent with a towel and tilt your face over the steam, letting the scented vapors open your pores.

Jaboneria Marianella’s Rejuvenating Face and Body Bar.Bewitches with a luxurious blend of violet combined with vibrant notes of bergamot and a hint of refreshing menthol. This unique formula will make your skin feel rejuvenated and moisturized, leaving you with a healthy, youthful glow.

Captain Blankenship’s Skydancer Bath Salts. Evokes the sky and wind. A soothing blend of sea salt and epsom salts helps detox and soften skin skin.

Osmia Organics’ Detox Exfoliating MaskThree kinds of purifying clay, nourishing raw cacao and manuka honey, and toxin-removing activated bamboo charcoal are the key ingredients in this dual-purpose exfoliating mask. The raw cacao softens the skin, as its natural caffeine tones and lifts. 

Skinnyskinny’s All-Natural Lavender Peppermint Tea Tree Bath Soak. Works to restore balance to an overworked mind and body. The essential oils in this blend were carefully chosen for their synergistic* properties to be warming, grounding and deeply relaxing.

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