7 Plastic Surgery Procedures You’ve Never Heard Of

Plastic surgery is all the rage nowadays and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to boost that confidence a little bit. But you’ll also never believe what you can get nipped and tucked…

  1. Nonsurgical Nose Job: Yep, you can now get a nose job without having to go under the knife and with little to no recovery time and it only takes 15 minutes. Downside, Yahoo, reports that it’s not permanent so you have to keep getting it done and if it’s done incorrectly it can permanently disfigure your face. Maybe not.
  2. Eyelid Surgery: Does it always look like you’re stoned cause of those droopy lids? This procedure will have you looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time!
  3. Belly Button Surgery: When summer comes along and that outey doesn’t look as good as an inny in a bikini, you can get get that sucker inverted.
  4. Gum Line Reduction: Feel like your smile shows more gum than tooth? Fear not, cosmetic surgery can fix that up in a flash.
  5. Six-pack creation: Watch out for this one ladies. Those washboard abs may be lying to you.
  6. Dimple Creation: If you weren’t born with a cherub-cheeked smile, not to worry, you can get those cute indentations made via surgery.
  7. Cheek Reduction Surgery: No, not those cheeks. If you want a jawline for days but nature did you dirty, you can now get your cheeks reduced if you feel too chipmunky.

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