7 Of Paul Walker’s Most Lovable Movie Moments

The world was shocked to hear that Paul Walker, the man who made millions of girls and women around the around swoon with his perfect baby blues, tragically died in a car crash this past Saturday in Los Angeles. With a career that spanned nearly 25 years, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite roles where the late actor won our hearts.

7. Joy Ride

Back in 2001, Paul starred in this gem next to Leelee Sobieski and Steve Zahn about 3 college kids taking a road trip home for summer break that went terribly wrong. A must see!

6. Into The Blue

Everyone remembers Paul playing the treasure hunting, boat captain along side fellow hottie, Jessica Alba. There’s yet to be another on screen couple as hot as these two.

5. The Skulls

Paul sizzled as Caleb Mandrake, the wealthy secret society boy. See above for the sizzle part.

4. She’s All That

One of Paul’s more memorable roles where he played the hot, football jock that made a bet against Freddie Prinze Jr. that he couldn’t make the nerdiest girl in school prom queen worthy.

3. Varsity Blues

Paul second most memorable football role where he played golden boy Lance Harbor that James Van Der Beek just couldn’t match up to.

2. Pleasantville

Paul’s first heartthrob role as Skip Martin, opposite Reese Witherspoon… SWOON!
1. Fast And The Furious

And of course, the role that made Walker’s career and created a decade old franchise, Fast and the Furious.

RIP Paul..We’ll never forget that smile.

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