7 Non-Sketchy Ways To Make Money Online

Anyone can benefit from a little extra cash.

After all, your 20s are nowhere near as easy as you probably expected them to be and an emergency fund is the littest gift you could ever give yourself. The good news is: there’s a ton of websites and apps that help you make money online, meaning all you need is some wifi and some time.

And no, I don’t mean answering one of those shady Craigslist ads about upscale agencies looking for attractive women. I mean cash for simple things like designing a flyer, walking someone’s dog, or selling your DIY nail polishes.

If you’ve always wondered how to make some easy cash on the internet, here are some non-sketchy ideas that’ll totally help.

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1. Completing surveys online.

This won’t be the most lucrative thing you ever do but if you incorporate it into your morning commute or do it absently while you’re binge watching 13 Reasons Why, you’ll see it add up over time. Survey Junkie uses a points system and each survey gives you a different number (anywhere from 50 to 200). And every 100 points gives you $1, so if you knock out 10 surveys while you’re chilling on the couch for a half hour, that’s $10. My best friend lets her points collect and then uses them to reward herself when she deserves it.

2. Freelance as a graphic designer or web developer.

If you’re creating dope shit in Photoshop or coding WordPress themes, might as well let people pay you for it. There are actually a ton of resources on web design and media all over the web so you can always learn new skills for your clients. You can find freelance gigs on Fiverr or Upwork, where people are charging like $20-$30 an hour And of course, there’s also Craigslist!

3. Become a virtual assistant.

The super organized and practical among us were made for this kind of thing (not me, tho). If you have some killer digital skills, rock at transcription, or know how to set up a content management system, this might be the kind of thing for you. Some people are working full time as virtual assistants making anywhere from $10-$20 an hour. You can find gigs through Fiverr, Upkeep, TaskRabbit or Craigslist.

4. Become a content writer or blogger.

Strong writers rejoice because getting paid for your craft is way more possible than you might think. Whether you want to start your own blog using WordPress or use Fiverr/Upkeep to find content writing gigs, writers can make money per post, work with affiliates, and more. Some people charge $40/hr just to research and write blog posts for people.

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5. Sell or resell something dope.

Some of you have lucrative DIY skills but never make money or stick to selling to your friends. Stop procrastinating! People sell items like nail polishes, t-shirts, and jewelry through Etsy, Ebay, and Depop. Some websites, like Society6 or Cafepress, even let you create phone cases or apparel and then sell it.

And of course, there are people making bank on Ebay and Depop by thrifting and reselling the cool stuff they find, so you don’t even need to be good at making it yourself.

6. Teach someone a skill online.

If you’re really good at teaching others, whether it’s self confidence, dating, or web design, you can create an e-course and get paid for it through the website Udemy. I’m addicted to this site tbh. I learned an entire coding language for $10.

7. Run errands for people who need them.

The app Wag lets you find pets in the area to walk or babysit and you should take full advantage if you’re a dog person! Honestly, you don’t even need to pay me to hang out with your dog, I’d consider doing it for free. There’s also the website Task Rabbit, which lets you do fast tasks like cleaning or setting up furniture for people. Lastly, Instacart lets you do shopping and grocery deliveries for people near you, which sounds like the easiest way to score some extra cash for something mundane.


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