The 7-Minute Cardio Workout You Can Do Anywhere


Being in the gym, surrounded by amazingly cut dudes and buff females, is a motivating force for those of us who can only lift 20 llbs on a good day. The novice sees those hard-bodied superhumans and thinks “if I keep working hard, I can look like that.” But it’s easy to get lost in the gym grind of elliptical, treadmill, supplemented with a Zumba class or two that we forget it doesn’t take a lot of time or cute Lululemon gear to get in shape. “Going to the gym” becomes an event that takes time and prep. The longer it takes to get ready, the more time you anticipate the burn you will be feeling, the less you want to actually lace up your sneaks and make your way to workout pardise.

Some of you may remember the “7 Minute Workout” app that blew up our phones and revolutionized our fitness game in 2013. The app boasts a workout that relies on nothing but your own body weight, a wall and a chair, great for the girl who always has somewhere to be and something to do, and doesn’t have a three hour block to commit to the gym. The original plan is truly meant for dudes who want to bulk up, but with a few tweaks it’s a workout you can do before your morning shower. It will start your blood pumping and heart pounding, and wake you up for the day ahead.

1. Start with a minute long round of jumping jacks (try to get in fifty jacks), which wakes you up and gets all your limbs feeling alive.

2. Relax from your jumping jacks with a minute long wall-sit. You probably already know how to wall-sit, just press your back against the wall with your legs at a 90 degree angle (get it? like sitting, but without the chair).

3. Get in a round of push-ups to work your arms. The time it takes will vary, but if you’re a newb do 5 push ups. It should take about 30 seconds. If you’re an advanced work-out-er, just do however many you can in 30 seconds.


4. Follow up with a minute’s worth of crunches.

5. Get out your kitchen chair and step up and down one time.

6. Go right into a squat. I like to jump out of the squat because it makes it more like a springy dance and just makes me smile, but that’s not a requirement.

7. Turn around and do a “tricep dip” on the chair. This is kind of like a reverse pull-up. Straighten your arms and place them on the seat of the chair, with your legs stretched out in front of you. Slowly bend your elbows, and then straighten back up. Congrats, you just did a tricep dip!

8. Relax with a 30 second plank.

9. 30 seconds worth of high knees to start your heart again,

10. Two lunges, one with each leg. Make sure to stretch deep to get more bang for your workout buck.


11. My favorite yoga pose, Kasyapa. Lie on the ground facing the wall. Push yourself up on one arm. Slowly cross your top leg in front of bottom leg, like a halfway criss-cross-applesauce. Grab your foot with your top arm and hold.

12. Finish off with a side plank.

Congrats, you just worked out your entire body in seven minutes! Repeat daily to get fit.

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