7 Fitness Myths Debunked

Being a yoga instructor and overall health enthusiast, you guys would not believe the stuff I hear people say about fitness: “I can’t work out because of *insert random excuse here*” or “Yeah I read that I shouldn’t do x because of y.” Enough is enough. I’m here to debunk some of these common misconceptions.

1. “No pain, no gain.” 

Healthy Myths Debunked - Galore Mag

If you’re into pain—wink wink—it’s all good, but isn’t something you should be rooting for in your workouts (the bedroom is another story). You should never push yourself to the point where you’re feeling tension and actual, acute pain.

2. “I can eat whatever I want if I work out hard enough.”

Healthy Myths Debunked - Galore Mag

This is something I actually hear a lot in yoga classes: “I yoga everyday but I still have a tummy. I mean, I only had four cosmos and a 12-pack batch of Insomnia Cookies, but that shouldn’t affect anything!” No. Just, no. Honestly guys, if you’re looking to lose weight, exercise is only 20% of it: 80% relies on your diet. I’m all for the occasional pig out, but don’t make it a habit, because habits are hard to break.

3. “The only way I’ll get stronger is if I lift.”

Healthy Myths Debunked - Galore Mag

When you see a multitude of bros in your local gym, you know it’s all a dick-swinging contest to see who can lift. For some reason, when wanting to gain muscle, people bem come obsessed with seeing how much they can lift without worrying about form. First and foremost, make sure you’re  focusing on doing it correctly, then you can add more weighted reps.

4. “A protein bar = a meal.”

Health Myths - Galore Mag


No way, Jose. They’re highly processed, and highly processed foods require fewer calories to digest.

5. “Rest days are for pussies”

Healthy Myths Debunked - Galore Mag

Alright so I know your #gainz are important for your image and social media following, but rest days are so crucial to good health, as well as sleep. When you train, you break down and tone muscle; when you’re in recovery mode, you body builds them back up again, but this time better and stronger. By not taking rest days and/or not sleeping sufficiently, you’re doing yourself and injustice.

6. “Running on a treadmill is less stressful on my body than running on pavement.”

Healthy Myths Debunked - Galore Mag

Running is running is running is running, and any variation of it will put pressure on your joints.

7. “Crunches will get you flat abs.”

Healthy Myths Debunked - Galore Mag

Lots of people think that because you’re working out your abs by doing crunches, you’ll automatically get a stronger core. Not true at all. When people want a flat, strong core, usually they think of their midsection—or in yoga, uddiyanabandha—but that’s extremely limiting. The core begins at your neck and works all the way down your back, glutes, and hip flexors. So instead of going crazy and doing 100 crunches in a sitting, try other total-body workouts.

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