The 7 Craziest Couple Gifts From Celebs To Their Baes

When bae’s birthday comes around, you have a special decision to make. What can you buy your boo that looks nice but is actually within your broke ass budget? Maybe some cologne with your Sephora points? Perhaps a nice jacket from a sample sale?

Celebs, they’re not just like us. When you’re dating a celeb and it’s your birthday, you’re getting a big mother-f*cking gift. I’m not talking a Birkin or a pair of Gucci flip-flops, I’m talking some shit you didn’t even know you could buy. We highlighted the seven most ridic celeb gifts here.

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1. Ten Burger King Restaurants


So, apparently Kim Kardashian loves Burger King as much as she loves collaging, so Kanye bought her ten damn Burger Kings around the world as a wedding gift. Some of her Burger Kings are in France, some in the UK, and some in Italy. The fast food chain allegedly offered to cater their wedding, which sounds kinda lit, but not the type of food you’d expect from Yeezus.

H/T The Hollywood Gossip

2. A Trip To Outer Space

Casual, am I right? Katy Perry really got into the whole “extra-terrestrial” thing when she bought her ex-husband Russel Brand a $200,000 ticket into space for his 35th B-day. Apparently anyone with money can play astronaut for the week with Virgin Galactic, which trains you for three days and then shoots you 365,000 feet in the air. Weird she didn’t go with him? Maybe that’s why broke up?

H/T Daily Mail

3. A Pair Of Computer Mice Signed By Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak


Imagine having to find a gift for King Yeezus himself? It’s hard enough to find a gift for a dude in general, let alone a fashion snob like Kanye. Kim went the tech route this Father’s Day and got him a pair of computer mice signed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. No clue exactly how she got a hold of these mice or how much they cost, but at least now Yeezy won’t have to use a track pad, God forbid.

H/T Business Insider

4. An Island

LOL, why stop at a car, or a house, or even a mansion when you could buy a whole fucking island or two? Chillll. Well Angelina wanted to thank Braddy for taking care of all her adopted children by buying him an island for his 48th birthday.

Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt an Island called Petra 50 miles off the coast of New York that’s romantically shaped in a heart, but more romantically has two helicopter pads and a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I wonder if he’s still keeping it?

H/T The Daily Mail

5. A Gold Plated Wisdom Tooth Necklace

Personally, I think Scarlett should’ve gotten a gold-plated sculpture of her banging rack, but I guess a gold-encrusted wisdom tooth necklace did just fine for her then-fiancés Ryan Reynolds’ 31st Bday. Then again, maybe if she got the rack they would still be together?

H/T Seventeen

6. A 100K Speedboat

Jessica Simpson bought Tony Romo a 100k speedboat for his birthday while they were dating, but then they broke up soon after. When asked by press if she was going to take the boat back, she said “I’m not an Indian giver.” Thankfully this was in 2009 before political correctness made a comeback so Jessica probs didn’t get as much shit for it as she would’ve today.


7. A Mercedes Maybach


It wouldn’t be that crazy if Tyga bought Kylie a car for her nineteenth birthday, but it’s a little crazier because as far as we know, Tyga ain’t got no racks (city bitch). His last gift to her was leased in Kylie’s name, and although it’s unclear whose name is on the Maybach, it’s been reported that Tyga might be getting some shit repo-ed from not paying his rent. That’s kinda awk? At least he’s got a sugar mama I guess.


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